Insanity Workouts

Insanity Workouts: The Issue on Losing Muscle

There has been some confusion and issues about the Tanya Insanity workouts that seem to denote and correspond to loss of some muscle.

It’s actually unfair to judge and label the same as something that is not ideal for those who want to build muscle. However, the safest answer to the query of losing muscle would be: it depends on the circumstances and situation. So what are the factors that contribute?

You have to understand that in dealing with any type of workout regimen, the result is mostly based on things like the present body composition, goals for getting the workout, and the kind of diet you are employing. So in order to learn more and eventually debunk the issue, here’s a complete look at what the Insanity workouts can do for you.

A professional fitness trainer by the name of Shaun T designed and invented the Insanity workouts

Now assuming that you religiously follow all the routines in the workout regimen, what sort of benefits are you actually getting? By definition, the Insanity workout is a type of cardio threshold training. It is basically performed by using your maximum physical abilities.

It is largely characterized by intense bodily activities, but is really a form of interval training

Overall, there is a mixture or combination of plyometrics, calisthenics, cardio routine, and some sports drills. The main objective is to help and aid an individual in developing and improving power to be able to turn on the heat and rev up on the person’s aerobic as well as anaerobic aspects.

But no matter how complex the routines seem to appear, it all boils down to the endeavor of burning calories and excess fat in the body, while in the process, improving mostly all the physical aspects of a human being, including flexibility, strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

Consequently, an athletic person who is healthy and able enough to keep up with the intense requirements of the Insanity workouts, they will eventually be capable of burning a maximum of one thousand calories in one hour. However, it is true that not all people are capable of emulating a performance that is traditionally attained by highly fit and professional athletes and trainers.

Furthermore, the notion that the Insanity workouts will result in you losing muscle doesn’t have enough evidence to prove such a claim. However, we said earlier that it might actually depend on certain instances.

For example, the same workout routine can be used for burning calories and fat, and in order to do so successfully, there’s a need for a particular type of diet. At this point, those who are looking forward to losing fat and weight will eventually cease to build muscle.

However, for those who want to build muscle, the main difference in the regimen would be mostly on the kind of diet.

Hence, it is not always true that performing the Insanity will result in losing muscle in the end. It’s all about making that specific goal or objective right before actually engaging in the routines. So for your part, it is unfortunate but practical to state that burning fat and gaining muscle can be regarded as the contrasting mechanisms or objectives.